Inditherm Medical

Inditherm’s range of medical products are based on their innovative, patented technology, utilising flexible conductive polymer sheet.

Inditherm perioperative patient warming systems provide uniform, direct heating, giving much better thermal transfer performance and higher efficacy than traditional methods.

Designs take into account fully the demanding requirements of the various medical applications. All products are approved to international standards for medical devices.

Patient Warming

An increasing number of users are finding that the Inditherm’s patient warming system is a real alternative to warm air, water mattresses and other traditional systems, maintaining normothermia during all surgical procedures. A full range of patient warming mattresses and blankets are available for the operating room, recovery area (PACU) and anaesthetic room, and also for accident & emergency and patient transport. Click here to find out more about patient warming >>

Neonatal Warming (CosyTherm)

Warming to prevent hypothermia in neonates, especially pre-term and low birth-weight babies, is very important. This has traditionally been achieved using incubators or radiant warmers. CosyTherm offers an alternative for infant warming that is very effective and allows open nursing in a standard crib or cot. The system has very fast warm up time and is easy to clean and maintenance free. Click here to find out more about neonatal warming and CosyTherm >>

Infant Care Systems (CosyCrib)

The revolutionary Inditherm CosyCrib is a versatile and highly ergonomic system for use in neonatal units, delivery suites, SCBU, transitional care and post-natal areas. The system offers best care for the baby and optimum conditions for nursing staff and parents. Click here to find out more about infant warming and CosyCrib >>

Neonatal Resuscitation (LifeStart)

The LifeStart system is designed to facilitate delayed cord clamping. It provides resuscitation capability at the bedside with the umbilical cord intact. Click here to find out more about Neonatal Resuscitation and Inditherm’s ‘LifeStart’ System >>

Chemotherapy – Venous Access (SpeedHeat VE)

SpeedHeatVE is a fully approved medical device designed for applying local warming for use in chemotherapy treatment and other IV therapies. Click here to find out more about Chemotherapy – Venous Access (SpeedHeat VE)

Therapeutic Heating (SpeedHeat)

SpeedHeat is the latest technology heat therapy system that gives controlled, continuous warming and is a professional alternative to heat packs, wheat bags and heat wraps for muscle injury, muscle warming, tendon injury, tennis elbow and other physiotherapy needs. Click here to find out more about therapeutic heating and SpeedHeat >>